Resilient, Contextual Mixed-Use Development, Crafted For And Supported By The Local Community

A Community-Driven Contribution

West Avenue needs a park to become a true neighborhood. Crescent Heights believes in community. We have been working together with the locals to craft the best possible plan that offers an intelligently-designed 3-acre public park with maximum feasible surface area, lush sustainable landscaping, and thoughtful community programming. Design plans for this mixed-use development include a carefully curated retail collection, public art, and a variety of homes envisioned to respectfully compliment the gateway skyline of Miami Beach and respond to the needs of the local community. There is no other developer dedicated to honoring such a vision which would positively impact the lives of Miami Beach residents.


Dedicating most of the site to this public park, our plan calls for decreased intensity and a singular 44-story tower built on the same one block. Spreading some of the massing across several blocks diminishes and degrades the park, adding buildings around its perimeter and further compromising the long-neglected needs of the West Avenue community.


contextual height in scale with the neighborhood.

The proposed tower is similar in height and smaller in floor plate size when compared to the existing towers along the west side of Miami Beach, from South of Fifth to The Waverly. 



increased permeability and flood PREVENTION.

Given our city's sea level rise challenge, increased permeability and flood reduction are priorities, and water retention and management best practices are imbedded into THE PARK ON FIFTH development plan. 


sustainable, transit-oriented development.

In order to decrease traffic congestion, we are providing the ability to add an additional Alton Road lane with access to the McArthur Causeway, as well as the space necessary for a 5th Street walking bridge. An extensive on-site parking structure will be accessible through four different entry points on 6th Street, 7th Street, West Avenue, and Alton Road.



“The City of Miami Beach should expand flood mitigation projects from single purpose engineering solutions to multifunctional green infrastructure. The city should commission a study that examines, among others, strategies to replace hard seawalls with living seawalls, increase permeable surfaces, maximize on-site storm water capacity, and leverage different water types (e.g., saltwater, freshwater, greywater) according to their utility. In the medium term, the city should design urban environments around current and future hydrological performance. As jurisdictional oversight and permitting inertia pose the primary challenges, the city should seek joint cooperative agreements with cross-sectorial and cross-jurisdictional partners.”



"Miami Beach in its deepest history has been a place of innovation"

- Walter Meyer, Founding Principal of Local Office Landscape Architecture




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