Miami Beach Signature Bridge 


Miami Beach Canopy by Daniel Buren

Design Concept: Walking Under, Along, and On the Colors

The new signature pedestrian bridge will serve as a gateway to Miami Beach and create a physical unobstructed connection between the North and South sides of 5th Street. This bridge will connect the Beachwalk, Baywalk, and public parks in between.



Quotes from the Mayor and City Commissioners of Miami Beach


“This is a very exciting moment…because I think we’re gonna get to see something that nobody has seen before”

“…this is going to be a really defining feature of the city…it’s right where we want it to be and it’s exactly where we want it to be and it’s exactly what we hope it would be…we’re very happy.”

- Mayor Dan Gelber

“You had me at hello. It’s beautiful. I think you did meet, at least, my expectations - you exceeded them. It’s quite beautiful. I think it behooves the city.

- Commissioner Ricky Arriola

“I’m excited about this…I said, “Bring us something artsy, bring us something with color, bring us something fabulous, that will distinguish Miami Beach at our entrance way,” and you went and did this, and I love it. Thank you, thank you for bringing something I can vote for…I’m thrilled about this and I’m happy we’re moving forward in the direction that our residents will love, something people will be proud of, something people are going to come…you guys really did what we asked, you brought back a great design.”

- Commissioner Michael Gongora

“What makes Miami Beach special is its walk-ability, our commitment to pedestrians; connecting the Beach and the Baywalk is a huge, huge win. The design is wonderful; I congratulate the entire team. It’s also a nice showcase for our GO bond, for all the residents that stood with us to make that happen.”

- Commissioner Mark Samuelian

“I love it.”

- Commissioner Joy Malakoff







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